Switching Career to Nonprofits: 4 Key Considerations Before Taking the Leap

3 min readApr 19, 2023


As we stand at the crossroads of our careers, many of us are drawn to the idea of making a difference in the world by joining the nonprofit sector.

Photo by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash

The nonprofit sector comprises a wide variety of organizations, from government agencies and foundations to multilateral organizations like the World Bank and UN agencies.

With its promise of purposeful work and positive impact, it’s easy to see why this path might be appealing.

However, as we delve deeper into the development cooperation sector, we must be willing to confront some of the less comfortable truths about our motivations, ensuring that our actions align with our noble intentions.

It’s crucial to consider our motivations before doing so, not just for our own sakes but also for those on whom our decisions might have an impact.

First, we must acknowledge the temptation to seek job security in the nonprofit sector, if any. Both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors rely on performance indicators, and as we consider a career in the nonprofit world, we must be careful not to let our desire for stability overshadow our commitment to making a positive impact.

If job security is our main motivation, we may inadvertently contribute to the very problems we hope to solve. As an example, we may be tempted to extend the work simply for the sake of job security, without considering the beneficiaries we should assist.

Second, we must be wary of romanticizing the nonprofit sector as the antithesis of the profit-driven world. The reality is that the nonprofit sector is not immune to issues such as misuse of funds or corruption.

As we consider this path, we must recognize that no sector is perfect and that our work may not always have the impact we hope for.

Third, we have to admit that our dissatisfaction with our own country may be a driving force behind our desire to work in the nonprofit sector. While working for an international organization might offer us an escape from our everyday lives, we must be honest with ourselves about our skills and knowledge.

Are we truly equipped to make a meaningful difference in the countries we might be assigned to, or could our presence be more harmful than helpful?

Last but not least, we must recognize when a lack of options is what drives our interest in the nonprofit sector. Whether we are too old for the private or for-profit sectors or our education has left us with limited job prospects, we must ask ourselves whether our passion for nonprofit work is genuine.

Without true commitment, we risk not only our own well-being but also the success of the projects and communities we hope to serve.

In confronting these truths, we aim to ensure that our decision to switch careers is based on more than just good intentions.

By critically examining our motives, we can work towards a future where our actions truly align with our aspirations to create positive change. And in sharing our journey, we hope to encourage others considering a career in the nonprofit sector to embark on a similar path of self-reflection.




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