As a mom and a passionate development specialist, my life is a blend of caring for my family and working to "make the world a better place", I suppose. My journey has led me to appreciate the small, often overlooked moments that define life as it is today.

Working in the development aid sector has provided me with the opportunity to learn about the wide range of human experiences and explore the fascinating ways people from different cultures interact with each other. I cherish the chance to discover differences and similarities, the human and business aspects of people, learn from mistakes, and embrace both sad and happy times.

This blog is my humble attempt to share what I've learned about the complexity of the development aid sector and the challenges of working with people from different cultures.

But life isn't only about work and high ideals; it's also about the seemingly ordinary, yet extraordinary, moments that fill our days. In this space, I hope to celebrate the beauty of the mundane, from the warmth of a morning walk to the park to reading a book at nightβ€”and everything in between.

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Mother & aid practitioner 🌏 | Exploring cultural bridges 🌐, aid industry insights πŸ”, and cherishing life's simple pleasures 🌸